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Lot of 8 Various Spear Weapons from Bago-Kankanaey of Bakun (4 spears),
(3 spears), Sagada Kankanaey (1 spear)

Most Weapons you see in Books today came whether from Ifugao, Kalinga, Bontoc or Sagada but none or very few came from this part of Luzon (Bakun - Bago Tribe) (spears #2,3,4 & 6). These are Beautiful spears worth adding in your weapons collection, far better than the set of spears sold on 2009 and 2010 - more detailed pictures and info to be added later.

Price for 8 spears: 1500$

Update - Spear # 3 (will upload other spears as the time allows)


Length: 46.6 inches

Length of Blade: 14.5 inches

Width (across) of blade measured from barb: first barb 2.25" second barb 2.1"

Weight: 1.5kg

Blade is thick from tip 3.5mm, first barb base 6mm, barb tip 3mm, middle 8mm, second barb base 8mm tip 4mm

Measurements rounded off

Excellent authentic very shiny patina!

which the pictures did not convery well.